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My Husband and I left Australia on the 28th of Feb for our two month European adventure. We’re nearly three weeks in, and so far it has been amazing.

We started in Germany, visiting some friends in a tiny little town in Southern Germany called Wiesenbach. While we were there we saw centuries old castles, sampled the local cuisine (bread, cheese, sausage), popped over to Switzerland for a day in the snow, and visited a local organic farm and a wildpark.

After Wiesenbach Brad and I headed to Berlin for a few nights, then to Aachen to see my lovely friend Maddy. We met her host family, who are all beautiful, and spent a day wandering around her new city. From Aachen the three of us day-tripped to Maastricht in the Netherlands.

After Aachen Brad and I headed to Rotterdam, to visit Brad’s cousin Max, and then we headed to Amsterdam for St. Patty’s day. Amsterdam is a stunning city, and, as expected, very… interesting.

Yes, the above photo is of condom art. I’ll just leave it at that.

For now we’re in Brussels, this weekend we’re popping over to London to visit my Uncle, and after that we plan to make our way to Italy.


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