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Renee’s 30th bash

When I first got to Melbourne I sent a strange and bumbling email to a woman named Renee (who at the time was half of the Inspired Occasion, a Melbourne based party planning power duo, which is now a Melbourne based party planning power solo in the hands of the exceptionally creative, wonderful and master of seemingly all things chef-ery, Alex). The email was a bit awkward and a lot apologetic, but essentially went along the lines of, ‘I’m new here, I’d like to take photos at Kid’s birthday parties… help?’ Renee replied by asking if I’d come along and take photos at Olivia’s party that Sunday, and since then has been a constant supporter of my work and promoted me to anyone that would listen. A month ago she hired me to photograph her own birthday party (which was amazing) and has booked me in for her daughter’s birthday in February, which I can’t wait for.

I wont post many photos from the party, but I felt compelled to share a couple of the photos of the set up, simply because of how amazing it is.

If you’d like to see more you can check out this post on Renee’s own blog or this feature of the party on Amy Atlas.

There are a lot of links already in this post, but just in case it isn’t enough, here’s some more! These are the vendors involved in Renee’s gorgeous party:

Flowers: Velvet Lily
Cake, cake pops, cupcakes and macarons: The Inspired Occasion
Oversized Balloons – Little Sooti
Styling and event coordination: Renee Bugg
Tassel garland inspiration: The Purple Pug


Kelli - January 7, 2012 - 7:42 am

I love The Inspired Occasion, I never knew who the creative team behind it was though. Guess I’ll have to follow Renee’s new venture now too, what a gorgeous set up!

Love the photos Gen, you can do no wrong.

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