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In this blog I’d like to get my biases out of the way early. The following photo is of my Godson. I think we can also agree, however, that it is also a photo of one of the cutest little babies around.

Told you.


Need more proof?


Now that we’re agreed, I’d like to introduce Hunter Harry Stevens. Hunter’s parents, Kelli and Jamie, are Brad’s friends from way back before I came on the scene. Brad and Jamie were both in each others weddings and have a Bromantic relationship of epic proportions, so Brad was a shoe-in for the role of Godfather (Brad’s also part Italian, and despite not looking much like Marlon Brando I think that helped him snag the gig). I was, of course, happy and honoured to come along on the Godparent ride, and Brad and I were officially named so at Hunter’s dedication held at 9am New Years Day. It was a wonderful way to start the new year, even though we may have been just a little hung over for the service.

Also, and just as a side note, at the time of the above photo Hunter was four and a half months old, and when I took the photo below he was just less than a month old.

In summary, the kid got big fast. Do all children grow up that quickly?



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