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Court by Design

I have a very talented sister-in-law. Her name is Courtenay. She is clever and crafty in ways that completely blow the mind of un-crafty folk like me. She makes cushions, aprons, vertical garden beds and refurbishes furniture. (Keep an eye out in the rest of this post for said cushions and aprons, and also a particularly cool rocking chair.) She blogs at, go there, check out her skills, be impressed.

Talented sister-in-law and I share two adorable nieces, named Cadence and Allegra. They’re ridiculously cute, so cute that I wish they were like tea cup pigs and never got bigger, but they are getting bigger, fast (I don’t really wish that, I can’t wait to know grown-up Cadence and Allegra – they’re going to make brilliant big people).

If you add together crazily talented sister-in-law, and unfairly cute nieces, the following occurs.

Natalie - February 24, 2012 - 12:28 pm

Super cute photos Gen, the colours are amazing!

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